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Northern Lights Alert 12/13 September 2014

*** UPDATE 0630UT 13 September: Overnight, some UK aurora watchers caught sight of some northern lights. Reports from Northumberland, N Norfolk, and those parts of Scotland not shrouded in fog. Now it’s night time in N America, activity rates have dropped off but it’s worth keeping an eye on Spaceweather.com for the Kp index to get back up to storm level (5+), as well as the NOAA Spaceweather Now page for the Bz component to turn S. Both of these have to happen in order for a good aurora display.***

Stargazers in the northern UK should look out for northern lights tonight and tomorrow, Friday 12 and Saturday 13 September 2014.

Aurora over Aberdeenshire, by Mark Tait @marktait78, taken 27 February 2014

Aurora over Aberdeenshire, by Mark Tait @marktait78, taken 27 February 2014

Two large solar eruptions blasted material off the Sun on 9 and 10 September, and that material has been hurtling through space for the last couple of days. The first batch of it hit our atmosphere in the small hours of this morning, resulting in some moderate northern lights displays seen from North America. The second batch has arrived this afternoon, and could possibly trigger a dramatic display of northern lights overnight and tomorrow night.

If you’ve never seen the northern lights (aurora borealis) before then this is an ideal opportunity to catch them. It’s unlikely that this display will be as good as the once-in-20-year display we saw back in February this year, but you never know. It’s hard to predict these things until they actually happen.

If you want to see the northern lights there are a few things you can do to increase your chances:

1. Find an observing site with a clear northern horizon
2. Get away from light pollution; put towns and cities behind you to the south (i.e. head to the northern edge of your town or city, preferably further)
3. Be patient. Aurorae can be faint and indistinct at first, and you need to let your eyes dark adapt to see them properly

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