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Resident Astronomer: Selkirk Arms Hotel

This weekend is the inaugural event in the Selkirk Arms Hotel’s “Galloway Stargazing Breaks” programme, featuring me as resident astronomer.

Manager Chris Walker, of Galloway Stargazer Ale fame, approached me about this several months ago and I thought it sounded like a great idea – and it was.

The weekend was fully booked quite quickly, with a dozen people joining Chris and I for dinner and stargazing on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Last night was a great success, down in no small part to the clear skies and wonderful dark sky visible next door to Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park, which I helped set up in November 2009.

The guests and I were dined in style before being whisked in landrovers up onto the hills near Gatehouse of Fleet by Duncan and Steve from Laggan Outdoor, where we were treated to a stunning view of Orion rising in the east, the Milky Way stretching overhead, and Jupiter shining like a beacon in the south.

Two hours later a dozen very cold – but very excited – stargazers made their way back to the hotel for hot chocolate.

We’re heading back out tonight, so let’s hope it stays clear.

Pics to follow!

UPDATE: I have just received some pics of the event from Chris Walker:

Dinner before stargazing, Friday Night

The talk before the main event

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