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Sark: Day 6

Final day on Sark. I finished the lighting audit (well, kind of – there are a few houses still to do that Jo Birch will do in my absence) and got to spend a bit of time exploring the island for leisure rather than work.

After my talk last night everyone was “hello”-ing me in the street and stopping to ask more about the dark skies. The most common question is: “so, do we qualify?” which really shows how excitied everyine is, and how seriously they’re all taking it. I began to feel like “Mac” MacIntyre in Local Hero. Except here the phone boxes are green.

"Yes, Mr Happer, I'm watching the skies. Yes, sir, especially around the constellaion Virgo"

Lunch today was a picnic with Sam and Elliot in Dixcart Bay. Elliot had his first paddle in the sea. It was cold and made him cry. But he soon cheered up when the picnic came out.

Lunch at Dixcart Bay

We rounded the day off with a visit to the Seigneurie, and then home for dinner. I popped out later on to do some star gazing at Felicity Bellfield’s house Beauchamp along with he daugher Lucy, Jo Birch and Jeremy Bateman. It was a lovely clear night and using only binos and a small scope we observed for an hour or so before the cold made us retreat indoors.

I’ll be sad to leave Sark tomorrow; it really is an amazing island, and hopefully soon you’ll hear that they’ve acheived international recognition for their dark skies.

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