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Sark: Day 5

Another delightful day today. I feel I’m really getting to know the island, and the people too, not least because I have visited over three quarters of the houses on Sark during my extensive, seemingly never-ending, lighting audit. It’s a great way to see all parts of a community; committing yourself to visiting every square inch of it!

I met a large number of Sark residents en masse this evening when I gave my talk “Dark Skies of Sark” at the New Hall. Over 60 people turned up which, for an island with a population of 650, is around 10% of the population, and more like 15-20% of the adult population. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, and there were lots of great questions.

Perhaps most amusing of all was when a visitor to the island asked “If Sark put in streetlights that were good downlighters would that be a problem for the bid to become a Dark Sky Community?” A fair questions, I thought (the answer’s “probably not”) but it drew daggers from Sark resident Elizabeth who piped up “If you want street lights why are you on bloody Sark!” to much mirth.

I also met Richard who owns the Mill at the top of the island, and he invited me to go and have a look inside it tomorrow. Appartently he and Jeremy Bateman, another Sark resident and keen astronomer, have been speculating for years about putting a telescope dome on top of it! I’ll have a look tomorrow.

I nipped to the bar after my talk for a drink with Jo Birch, who was the one who invited me to Sark and arranged things for me here, and Sue and Andy who I met after the talk. Had a nice chat and generously brought home a bottle of wine for Sam.

Now, despite clear skies, I’m off to bed.

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