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Sark: Day 4

Another day, another bunch of houses audited. Even slower today due to even more enthusiastic residents. Today I covered the south east of the island, down to Dixcart Bay and along the coast to the harbour, up past the giant Aval Hotel and its 65 lights (soon to be refitted to have all downlighters, in support of Sark’s bid to become a Dark Sky Community, and north-east of the Avenue. I had hoped to cover much more ground, but there are still two days to go.

At 5pm tonight I met the Conseillers that make up the Chief Pleas of Sark, what must be the most representative democracy in the world, with 28 Conseillers for 650 people, roughly one for every 23 people!

Some pics from my day’s travels:

Dixcart Bay Arch

Dixcart Bay Waterfall

Dixcart Bay

A Canon from Falkirk

Canon Plaque

Victorian Vine and Ladder at La Seigneurie

A Chair made out of a Whale's Vertibra that washed ashore in Victorian times

Sark's only lampost, north harbour

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