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Sark: Night 2

Not as clear as last night; lots of haze to begin with, but that cleared by 2230, leaving only lots of low horizon cloud, which of course reflects the light from Guernsey, Jersey and France more effectively, brightening the sky.

Did a south to north walk, taking readings from La Sorbonnerie to the Heart, and didn’t find anywhere as dark as the old mill last night. Readings were up about 0.1 or 0.2 magnitudes per square arcsecond, based on readings I took at La Vauroque and the Mermaid Inn to compare with last night.

Readings all came in between 21.1 and 21.4 magnitudes per square arcsecond so still pretty dark.

Pics from Little Sark in the south and the school playing fields in the centre, not great due to clouds; they make it look pretty light polluted…

That’s the dark sky survey complete, but night try and get a few other good pics if the skies clear; forecast is cloudy for the next few days.

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