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Sark: Day 3

Another day, another hundred houses audited… People here are very enthusiastic for the dark skies, which is great, but doesn’t half slow you down as they stop to chat!

That said, I still got a lot done today. The lighting here is, on the whole, pretty minimal, with a very few exceptions. So far I’ve seen no “good” modern lights, a few very bad bright security lights, and the majority are simply low wattage bulkhead lights on a switch, and so rarely used. And at 50p per unit, who’d blame them for keeping them off.

Oh yes, and a dog bit me on the leg today. It’s probably just psychosomatic, but I can feel my jaw locking…

Lighting Pics (Warning, contains nudity)

A Good Security Light

A Bad Security Light

A Bulkhead Light

Heritage Lights

A Globe Light

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